Sweet Trees

Haribo Sweet Tree
Marshmallow Tree
Lollipop Sweet Tree
Haribo Sweet Tree (Cola Bottles)
Malteser Tree
Liquorice Allsorts Tree
Flying Saucer Tree
Ferrero Rocher Sweet Tree

We hand-craft our own Sweet Trees and think they’re perfect for any occasion. They can be used to form a striking Centre Piece for your table decorations and one that is almost entirely edible!

They also make wonderfully ‘alternative’ gifts for a birthday or special occasion or just a ‘big thank you’ — so why not say it with a Sweet Tree.

We welcome your ideas and inspiration and can work to your specifications to hand-craft edible creations that are utterly unique to your event or requirement.

Send us your ideas and we'll report back on whether they can be realised — successful designs may even be added to our range and named after their creators!